Computer Repair and Support

Having problems with your computer systems? Whether you have computer hardware or computer software issues Tay IT in Perth, Perthshire Scotland can rectify them. Your computer hardware can start to malfunction for any number of reasons. Computer hardware failures such as memory, hard drive and motherboard fan failure can render your device useless. Operating systems become clogged up with unnecessary software, spyware and viruses over time.

Here at Tay IT we can rectify most of these problems. Systems can be upgraded with additional Random Access memory, larger Hard Drives, Optical Drives or even Solid State Drives. Operating systems can be optimized for faster running. Viruses and spyware can be removed and ultimately if all else fails operating systems can be reinstalled. However there are those systems that are beyond repair or at the end of their life cycle. Here at Tay IT we can advise in these cases and recommend the way forward to have you back up and running in the shortest possible time.

We can repair your computer whether it is a laptop or a desktop PC by sourcing the faulty parts and repairing as necessary to have your computer up and running in as short a time as possible.

We can remove virus and spyware applications which can corrupt your operating system, steal your data or slow your operating system to a crawl. Here at Tay IT in Perth we have years of experience in repairing and rectifying computer hardware and software problems. Replacing system components, removing viruses and spyware and re-installing operating systems are what we are all about. In fact we can tackle any problem you have with your technology and advise you of the cost and viability of a repair or a replacement unit.

We can also work remotely to reconfigure your systems and check for software problems such as virus and spyware.

Backing up your data is extremely important and can be mission critical. No matter how good your computer systems are they will fail or come under attack from spyware and viruses over time. A coherent backup strategy is in our computer operated world mandatory. Tay IT in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland can set up backup systems and a backup strategy for your business whether you work from home or from a city office.

Our aim is to get you back up and running in the shortest possible time. Tay IT in Perth, Scotland focus on doing a good job. Our job depends on it.


Software Issues
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  • Fault Diagnosis
  • Operating System Re-build
  • Virus Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Linux Install or Re-install
  • Windows Install or Re-install

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Hardware Issues
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  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Laptop Repair
  • Replacement Screen/Monitor
  • Peripheral Installation
  • Printer Service/Repair

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PC Maintenance
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  • Internal Cleaning of Base Unit
  • Check Fans for Operation
  • Check all Cable Connections
  • Check Hard Drive Space and Memory
  • Driver Update Check/Hard Disk Clean
  • Check Plug-in Cards for Security

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If you require any service not listed above then please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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