How much does a Website Design Cost

So, how much does a website cost at Tay IT in Perth, Scotland. Well that will depend upon a number of things. Do you have a domain name? Do you have your own website hosting? Do you have an existing website? Do you have a list of requirements for your website? What is your target audience? What is your budget? Do you have images and files optimized for the internet? Do you have written text for all your pages? How many pages would you like? Will you need e-commerce in order to sell products online? Do you have company logo? Which text font would you like to use? Do you have specific company colors? Do you need a membership style website? do you have optimized video files for any online videos? Are you happy with basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that comes with the standard website design or would you require more extensive expensive SEO such as ‘Google Ad-words’? Would you require a CMS with back-office access? This list is far from complete. Answers may provoke more questions.

Issues for Website Designers

Every client from Perth, Scotland, to Perth, Australia, has a different set of goals and priorities. This in itself creates an issue for website designers, such as Tay IT in Perth, to provide a quote for the work required in order to complete the website design. However there are ball park figurers that we like to quote so that a prospective clients can be armed before making that phone call.

For instance we can provide you with 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, secure website hosting with a free domain name for £70 per annum. This will allow you to have C-panel access to your website hosting complete with all the tools in order for you to design and build your own website.

In addition Perth based Tay IT are happy to build you a two page website with multiple sections (individual sections on the one page) such as, ‘About your Company’, ‘Your Team’, ‘Your Portfolio’ and Contact details, so long as you provide us with the relevant text and images in a timely manner for £100. (Timely manner for such a small website means by return of email).

Some of our WordPress Websites

WordPress CMS Designed Websites

For a larger website such as a membership website or an E-commerce website the cost starts at £300. This of course can be more involved and in that case the cost will be quoted or increased relevant to perceived workload required after our discussion.

Perth based Tay IT can provide back-office access to larger websites such as E-commerce and membership style websites. We would use WordPress for these functions due to the range of options the platform provides, as free Open Source software product. So, if you are familiar with WordPress or you are willing to learn and carry out your own updates and additions, then this would be for you.

To finish, If you already have a website hosted at your own hosting provider and maybe you wish a refurbishment of the website, or to have the website redesigned, or turned into E-commerce, then give us a call for a quote.

Unbeatable Value at Tay IT, Perth

Quick Turnaround of Website Designs

Tay IT in Perth can turnaround a basic website within days. This kind of one page, poster/flyer style website may be all you need to promote your business. For an E-commerce or membership website, we would expect one to two weeks of work (Mind you this could take a lot longer dependent upon the proposed volume of work required) provided the data, images and text were promptly supplied by the client.

Feel free to call Tay IT in Perth to discus your requirements.
We do not think there is any website designer that can beat our value.