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Colin Lamont’s 2024 Scottish Munro Mountains Calendar on Sale Now

Colin Lamont, a mountain photographer and Munro bagger, is pleased to announce the release of his 2024 Scottish Munro Mountains calendar. The calendar features stunning photographs of the Munros, taken by Lamont himself over the course of many years.

Lamont is a passionate advocate for the Scottish Highlands, and his calendar captures the beauty and majesty of the Munros in all seasons. From the snow-capped peaks of winter to the heather-clad hills of summer, Lamont’s photographs offer a glimpse into the wild and rugged landscape of Scotland.

The calendar contains a selection of photographs taken during a round of the Munros. 

The Munros are a list of 282 Scottish mountains over 3000ft (914.4 metres) in height above sea level, climbed and tabulated by sir Hugh Munro.

The 2024 Scottish Munro Mountains calendar is available now for purchase here or on Lamont’s website. It is a must-have for any Munro bagger, or anyone who loves the Scottish Highlands.

The calendar cost £10 and you can arrange to collect the calendar in Perth, Scotland. If you would like the calendar posted then the postage charge is £4.

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About Colin Lamont

Colin Lamont is a photographer and Munro bagger based in Scotland. He has been climbing Munros since 1984 and has completed all 282 Munros.

Lamont is passionate about the Scottish Highlands and his photography aims to capture the beauty and majesty of the mountains. He is also a keen advocate for responsible access to the outdoors.

You can check out his amasing Munro walks on his website

Order your copy today and start planning your Munro adventures for 2024!

Munro Calendar 2024. The Scottish Mountains

Munro Calendar 2024. The Scottish Mountains