Spotlight on Strathearn Talking News

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Spotlight on Strathearn Talking News

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This is a website promoting a product primarily for the blind or partialy sighted.

Strathearn Talking News, formerly known as Strathearn Newstape, was established nearly thirty years ago by local Crieff lady Margaret Forrest. The purpose was to provide a free weekly audio cassette, for people who were blind or partially sighted, with local news from the small towns in the rural area of Strathearn, Perthshire Scotland.

At the time audio cassettes, or tapes as they were commonly called, were the in- thing and so the name Strathearn Newstape was born. The news comes from the Strathearn Herald, a weekly newspaper which comes out on a Thursday. The newspaper was originally printed at the premises of D. Philips in Comrie Street Crieff, a family run business spanning four generations.

Strathearn Talking News is a registered charity SCO 15628 and is a member of ASTN, the Association of Scottish Talking Newspapers. Run by volunteer readers and copiers, several of whom have been associated with it for many years, its purpose remains the same as it was all those years ago – to provide an audio recording of local news from the Strathearn Herald for those individuals who are blind or partially sighted.

The main challenge for the website was to ensure that the partially sighted would have tools on the page that would enable them to read or listen to the information contained on the webpage. The generally look of the page was also to be enlarged in keeping with the theme of ease of use for the partially sighted.

So, Tay IT in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland incorporated a Text size selector in order to increase the size of the text on the page and an audio recording on each page which if activated would read aloud the text on that page to the visitor.

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Strathearn Talking News