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The Rise of Email (Electronic Mail)

Email has almost replaced the written word as a means of personal and business communication today. From personal letters to business marketing campaigns, email is the chosen distribution method due to its simplicity, free cost and accessibility. The rise of the mobile internet device has strengthened our love and use of email as a form of communication. Not only can you send and receive emails on your personal or business computer, at home or at work, you can now access these services on your hand-held mobile devices virtually 24 hours a day.

Email Cloud

You may be commuting to work, half asleep at home at night, or enjoying the sunshine on a holiday beach, and email can always find you.

How does Email work?

Well, briefly speaking, the website hosting service runs its own server software in order to supply the hosting services to clients. In order to provide email addresses for the client’s use, the hosting server also runs mail server software on secure servers. This software allows registration of email addresses at the hosted Domain Name. The email address includes the domain name, and this enables mail servers around the world to identify and locate the correct hosting service for your email and therefore deliver email to your email address. So, when you register your Domain Name and sign up for a hosting service , you will have the opportunity to register email addresses at your Domain Name.

The Email Send and Receive Process

When we sends an email, to an address such as, we use a piece of software called an Email client. This software is like a text editor which enables us to enter the kind of information you would write in a letter such as From, To and content. Once we have composed the Email we click the Send button.

The email then gets sent by the client to our mail server via SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). The SMTP server contacts a Domain Name System server which converts the Domain Name into its IP Address. It then queries the domain via IP Address to see if the “To” email address exists on the mail server. Once verified the email is sent over to the recipients server which is then delivered.

The recipient can now collect the email using their mail client and POP (Post Office Protocol) or IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol).

Numerous Email Addresses

A client can have numerous email addresses such as info@domainame and sales@domainname. Its up to the client to decide and then those email addressess can be provided. So, once the email addresses have been registered at the domain, email can be sent and received at those addresses. Some clients however, chose to use an existing gmail account, yahoo account, or other email provider instead.

Many Email Accounts

Tay IT in Perth, Scotland provide up to 10 email accounts on their basic hosting package.